A Story of Beginnings

In 1990 Arch. Medardo Cadiz formed Cadiz Design Group (CDG) in Singapore to provide integrated architecture, retail design, interior design, masterplanning and environmental graphics design services.

Our mission is simple: create design that works.

In 2001, Medardo started the Manila Office of CDG which would later become Cadiz International (CI) - together with new partners Arch. Cecile Cadiz-Vega and Arch. Nina Quintos, and graphic designer, Leo Cadiz.  Today, the CI Core Team includes architects Stephanie Mendiola, Apollo Buenavista, and Jhan Phillip Co. Since 1990, and for the past 25 years, we have been creating successful projects worldwide in over 15 countries.

In South East Asia, we innovated the concept of the “Downtown Walk in a Park-Like Setting,” a vibrant lifestyle environment where people of all ages love to gather.  In the Middle East, we have designed and built successful mixed-use projects combining retail, hotel, residential hi-rise and offices in one integrated development.

We attribute much of our success to having passionate, innovative architects who enjoy collaborating with dynamic clients and creative consultants in allied fields. As an international design firm, we operate from our offices in Manila, Dubai, and Seattle. A keen attention to detail and a sense of personalized service leads to great relationships with our long list of global clients.