Our Playground of Ideas

The best way to describe our studio is that it is a 'playground' of ideas. Cadiz designers are free to play with their ideas in an environment that is conducive for having fun: open, bright, and colorful. We don't follow a straight line or stick with any formula during our play time, instead zigzagging our way to the best design solution.


To design a successful project, we listen more than we talk.  We ask, “What is the project all about?  What is unique about the place? Who is our target market and how will the project benefit them?”

This brings us to the most important question - What is the Big Picture?

This is the critical question that fuels our imagination, sparks meaningful dialogue and allows us to generate ideas that will define the initial vision of the project. Great projects draw people to them because they are more than just content – there’s context that tells a story, relating to their surroundings with a meaningful sense of place. These are what bring success to a project. They are at the core of our design process - challenging us to come up with creative, smart, and innovative solutions for our clients and end-users.